Photo Chemical Machining Specialists

With over 50 years of experience, CMR Manufacturing Inc. is the premier Leadframe and Photochemical Machining Manufacturer in the South West, which is why they were chosen by a large defense contractor to assist in the manufacture of parts that were sent to Mars on (MER) Path Finder, Opportunity and Spirit.

CMR’s complete in-house Engineering and Manufacturing facility allows them to provide precise hands-on completion of delicate, complex projects to hearty, robust products that would be extremely difficult to produce using standard fabrication methods. One of our many specialties include Leadframe and Power QFN manufacturing, conforming to the JEDEC Standard, with Prototype Frames from concept to delivery in less than a week.

CMR has the capacity and capability to produce extremely fast turn around times, in order to help our US-based and global clients meet their critical timelines, without compromising quality or delivery.