With over 40 years of experience, CMR Manufacturing Inc. is the premier Leadframe and Photochemical Machining Manufacturer in the South West, which is why they were chosen by a large defense contractor to assist in the manufacture of parts that were sent to Mars on (MER) Path Finder, Opportunity and Spirit.

CMR's complete in-house Engineering and Manufacturing facility allows them to provide precise hands-on completion of delicate, complex projects to hearty, robust products that would be extremely difficult to produce using standard fabrication methods. One of our many specialties include Leadframe and Power QFN manufacturing, conforming to the JEDEC Standard, with Prototype Frames from concept to delivery in less than a week.

CMR has the capacity and capability to produce extremely fast turn around times, in order to help our US-based and global clients meet their critical timelines, without compromising quality or delivery.
  CMR is an ITAR Certified Professional Manufacturer in compliance with the US State Directorate of Defense Trade Control.

CMR's in-house Engineering department incorporates Micro Cad Design, Helix Solid Modeling, and AutoCAD 2000 software.

We can assist you with any phase of design and development from simple advice to generating complete product design from your ideas or sketches.

Just send your .dwg, .dxf, iges, or .pdf files to cmrmfg@aol.com or simply fax your document to (602) 244-1312 and our engineering staff will be in-touch with you in most cases within less than 24 hrs.

The advantages of Photochemical Machining (PCM) is that the product will not generate burrs, coining, or unnecessary internal and external stress on virtually any ferrous and non-ferrous metal, without chemical or physical manipulation of the material being manufactured. CMR will produce multiple precise imaging to insure exact repeatability on metal ranging from .001" to heavy gauge regardless of the temper.

Photochemical machining provides fast turn, excellent accuracy, repeatability and precise products.


Photochemical machining charges are substantially lower than that of conventional die fabrication facilities. The cost of changing or modifying photo tooling is far less expensive than modifying conventional hard tooling.

With Photochemical machining the investment is minimal due to elimination of die maintenance, repairing damaged tooling or long delivery schedules. CMR's delivery schedule is normally 3 weeks from Purchase Order to delivery. Reduced delivery times can be accommodated if needed.

Material Properties
Temper and magnetic properties are not affected by photochemical machining.

Manufacturing Process

Photochemical Machining has been around since WWII and very little has changed except for advances in regeneration and inspection capabilities. Material is meticulously cleaned to remove any impurities that may be deposited when delivered. The metal is covered with photo resist exposed to high intensity lighting, developed to expose material to be removed and finally etched to required specifications.

Available Materials - Pure Nickel, Nickel Alloys, Copper, Beryllium Copper, Brass, Phosphorus Bronze, Stainless Steel, Monel, Kovar, Alloy Material.

We use -etching capabilities in our manufacturing process to support requirements from the Semiconductor Industry with our proprietary Mold Lock Features, to identifying parts. Additional -etch applications are used to assist in precise repetitive non-marring distortion free product being bent or formed.

Tolerances -

Establishing exact tolerances in photochemical machining are hard to ascertain due to the fact the type of material used, size of the product, and yield requirements will affect the tolerance passable. The normal tolerance level is +/- 10% of material thickness. However for critical requirements CMR has been very successful in reducing this normality.

Additional Services

Available Finishes include: Tin, Tin-Lead, Silver, Nickel (Electroless and Electrolytic), Nickel Silver, Gold, Nickel Gold

We can heat treat to your specifications including passivation.

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